As a registered employer, you will have the ability to post your current job openings to an audience of eager, qualified graduates.

Here you can create new jobs, and provide more information about your employment.

Creating an Account

You can create an account here. To create an account you will need to provide some basic contact information:

  • – First Name
  • – Surname
  • – Business Name
  • – Email
  • – Phone Number
  • – Institution Level – pick the option that best suits your business.

Creating an account will allow you to post jobs on the jobs board and recruit from thousands of qualified TEFL teachers. You will also be able to view the resumes of each of the applicants, including some users that get automatically matched to your job based on our matching algorithm.

Posting Jobs

Making a job posting allows you to fill a position in your business with a TEFL-certified employee. To create a job posting you will need to provide the following information about the position:

  • Summary: Brief description of the position
  • Introduction: Basic introduction into the business
  • Salary: Salary provided for this position
  • Schedule: Work schedule for this position
  • Position Requirements: previous qualifications/experience needed to attain this position
  • Position Details: any extra info about the position

Once you have creating the posting, you will need to publish it before the posting will appear on the public board, where TEFL-certified users can apply for the position. You may create up to two job postings each day.


Each of the applicants for your job posting will be a TEFL-certified teacher. To review the resumes for each of the applicants, navigate to the job view for your posting and underneath the main details section should be two sections, one for the list of users our system has flagged as suitable for the position and another for the users that have manually applied for the position. To view the resumes for these users, simply click on a user and you will be taken to their resume for you to critique.

Once you have found the desired candidates, or if you do not wish for the posting to be visible on the public board, simply archive the job posting by clicking the “Archive” button at the top of the job view page.